Pro Custom, Inc.

Pro Custom Inc. is the country's #1 RV service and renovation center. We offer a wide range of RV services, including full body paint, complete exterior and interior renovations, and collision repair


Take It To The Pros

Bring your motorhome back to its prime by refreshing you coach with a new paint job!  There's no need to purchase a brand new RV when the paint experts here at Pro Custom, Inc. can make yours look like new!   

 Our in house graphic designers will work with you to design your very own paint scheme to either match you existing coach or give it an entirely new look.  Once your design is selected,  we provide you with a paint card that will show you true color for each of your color selections.  This gives you a real-life look at exactly what your dried paint will look like so that you can view it in sunlight, indoors or wherever you’d like.   Our paint experts are top-notch and work to customize paint matching & metallics to ensure your paint is perfect.  With 7 huge spray paint booths our team of trained painters & stripers work efficiently and effectively to provide optimum results for our clients. 

  Next, our designers provide you with a rendering of what your painted coach will look like.  This is a picture of your coach with the colors & style you’ve selected shown.  We do everything in our power to make sure that you are a part of the process – after all, a motorhome can become a dreamhome with a new look!  We want it to be perfect for you. 

Take a look at just a few of our incredible COACH TRANSFORMATIONS!